BKL Research can assist city or county governments, governmental agencies/authorities, or public service providers in gathering information to assess their outcomes or performance.  Citizen surveys can be an excellent method to learn how the services provided are perceived by the public at large.  These surveys may also be cornerstones for outcomes assessments or service quality.  It is certainly advantageous for municipalities to keep in touch with their constituents on a regular basis. 

The surveys can detect problem areas that need intervention.  They additionally demonstrate a commitment on the part of the local government or agency to find out the wants and needs of their citizens or customers.  BLK Research can help at every phase of the citizen survey process.  These surveys can assist a municipality in examining citizen perception of a broad range of services.

Police & Fire protection


Parks & Recreation

Utilities (electric, water, sewage)

Refuse disposal

Planning & zoning

Social Services

Library systems


Emergency Services/Emergency Preparedness

Real estate and taxes


These surveys can also examine the assistance and helpfulness of the municipalities’ employees regarding citizen contacts.  Additionally, citizen surveys can be used in conjunction with focus groups.  This allows problem areas discovered with the surveys to be examined further through discussions with the citizens in small groups. 

Citizen surveys can be tailored to specific regions or customers depending on the goals of the project.  The information gathered can be a crucial factor in resource allocation and interventions.  Many of our clients choose our “bundled packages” of citizen and employee surveys administered on alternating years.