BKL Research specializes in telephone surveys.  Our survey team has an exceptional amount of combined years of experience in this methodology.  This experienced survey team can significantly reduce refusal rates resulting in a more valid survey.  BKL Research has the ability to include listed, unlisted, and cell phone numbers into the sampling frame.  Our survey team will conduct numerous callbacks to the numbers selected randomly from the sampling frame.  Many firms will move on to the next number or do limited callbacks if an answering machine or no answer is received from a number.  This can damage the validity of the results.  Every effort needs to be made to obtain survey responses from a selected number. We will call the number in the daytime, nighttime, and weekends to take into account the respondent's work condition.  No firm will put forth more effort to ensure your data was collected properly.  BKL Research will provide you with valid, reliable, and balance data.   

Our firm can conduct business and professional type surveys.  We have a specialized survey team that focuses on contacting businesses and professionals for focused surveys.