The assessment of Police Department performance and citizen perceptions.  We can assist with the design, retesting, surveying, data analysis, and report generation.  Additionally, we can aid with accreditation efforts for Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and state accreditation.

The survey can be designed to examine contact percentages and type of contact.  The officer's professionalism, politeness, concern, knowledge, helpfulness, etc.  The response time and overall performance can be assessed.   This can be broken down or crosstabulated by area within the Police Department.  Overall strengths and weaknesses can be examined as well as perceptions of neighborhood crime and quality of life.  Areas for improvement can be suggested by the citizens.  This is the most effective method to assess public perceptions of the police department.

Both citizen and business surveys can be surveyed.  Business surveys involve daytime calling and screening to reach the appropriate manager.

BKL Research can help the Department to custom design their survey to examine the important accreditation factors at cost effective pricing.