The employees of a firm are one of its most important assets.  The intellectual capital of any organization can serve to create a source of sustained competitive advantage.  It is important to assess the organizational health, as we refer to it, of your company.  BKL Research & Consulting specializes in the construction of specialized employee surveys at cost-effective pricing.  The following are some components that can be included in an employee survey:

Job Satisfaction
This attitudinal measure examines the employee's positive or negative response to the organization.  Job satisfaction can have an impact on performance and costly withdrawal behaviors (tardiness, absenteeism, and turnover).  Our surveys are designed to focus in on the causes of the dissatisfaction and assist the firm in taking proactive steps to improve it.  

Organizational Commitment
This measures an employee's involvement, attachment, and identification with the organization. Organizational commitment is also associated strongly with performance and withdrawal behaviors even more so than job satisfaction.  In addition, organizational commitment is related to the culture of the firm.

Employee Motivation
This measures the process where an employee displays enthusiasm and persistence to pursue organizational goals.  A motivated workforce is the key to efficiency and effectiveness of employee performance.

In addition to these components, BLK Research & Consulting can customize an employee survey for your particular organization.  This can be administered on a regular basis to achieve continual improvement in organizational health.  This feedback from your employees is important to improve productivity and morale.